Ongoing Projects

Partial Discharge Phenomena in High Voltage Equipment

This work involves the design of a Universal Partial Discharge simulator which comprises of PD physics based software simulation and hardware pulse generation...

Nuclear Pulse Spectroscopy System for Optimum Performance

It involves, new methods for the Design of Nuclear Pulse Spectroscopy System with optimization of parameters, to improve the performance of the spectroscopic system.

Parameter sensing using Optical Fibre for industrial applications.

Various parameters such as temperature, strain, pressure etc. will be detected using distributed optical fibre sensing.

About VESIT R & D

VESIT has always given importance to the experiential way of teaching and learning of engineering concepts which can only be perfected through the best research and development practices.

Our Motto

Work towards achieving novel solutions to critical problems and unmet needs in the field of engineering and there by broaden our knowledge and expertise.

With this as our motto the R&D department combining both basic and applied research aims at providing innovative and indigenous solutions to critical design issues in engineering systems.

The department has successfully completed various projects in collaboration with some of the top industries and research centers.

R & D Head Speaks

Our aim is to make engineering study in VESIT more attractive, exciting and fulfilling and also to transform the students to emerging professionals with knowledge and capability of lifelong learning.

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Research Domains
  • Nuclear Instrumentation
  • Low level signal generation, Processing, conditioning and measurement.
  • Nano-seconds timing techniques
  • Fiber Optics Instrumentation
  • High speed, high resolution digitization & data transfer techniques.
  • Embedded systems.
  • Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing Internet of Things (IoT)
Highlights of R & D
  • Nuclear spectroscopy system
  • 8k multichannel analyzer, Mixed domain oscilloscope
  • 500MHz oscilloscope, 6 & ½ digit multi-meters
  • Cloudera Lab
  • Advanced software including Halcon software etc.
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